The significance of social media in horse racing


I would kindly ask all people who love horse racing to help this lady out in her dissertation for university.

Social media has a huge part to play in horse racing , but is social media causing people to miss out ? Please if you could take 5 minutes to help , it would be appreciated.

2 months free membership for one lucky person who fills this out.


Hi HRStats,

Thank you again for helping me out with this. Hopefully the below is ok for the blog post -

As a final year International Events Management student at Sheffield Hallam University hoping to work in horse racing after I graduate, I am currently focusing my dissertation on the significance of social media in a sports events experience, looking specifically at horse racing.

I am undertaking this research as some authors believe that sports events attendees are missing out on the sports experience because they are spending too much time on social media. Is this correct? Those that organise sports events will be interviewed and responses compared with those who attend as customers.

If you have attended horse racing events please will you complete my survey, it will only take approximately 5 minutes and I will really appreciate it.

Thank you again!

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