Frequently asked questions

What does the Green and Yellow colour shading mean ?

Green is HRStats No.1 Choice A great number of our members request value in our selections , so the yellow shading is our outsider or value recommendation . On a regular basis , these selections can become the favourite.

What does "HRStats Sc" mean ?

This is the score that compiles the list of horses into order for our very own scoring , the top two horses on this scoring will always be shaded Green or Yellow. This score consists of many varibles that compile the scoring overall the key features of our statistical model. This is a combination of algorithms overall. This score will change from race to race , as the stats scoring is based around the horses agaisnt each other.

What does "Course Sc" mean ?

This is a number indication for easy review - ideally you want a 10 or 20 in this section , this would indicate the horse has run this course before , run this distance before , won running this course and distance

What is HRStats "Form Sc" ?

Instead of the standard form table "1-3-5-2-1" . HRStats have created a form score that uses machine learning. We believe this is a more accurate form score than the standard model. This factors in winning distance , class of horse who lost etc.

What do all the other columns mean ?

HRStats ( Green is the colour you want to see) WeightLBs - Weight in pounds. Prize SC - If this number is higher than anyone else in the race by a considerable amount , good indication its dropped in class or gained entry into races of a higher class. DSLR- Days since last run (if this number is high - good indication the horse has returned from a long injury). Jockey Win Ratio (ideally you want all the ratio indicators to be coloured green) Trainer Win Ratio Jockey/Trainer Win Ratio Jockey Place Ratio Trainer Place Ratio Jockey/Trainer Place Ratio

What if there is a non runner or both are non runners ?

The HRStats Score table dictates the set up so if you have a single non runner or two non runners you move down to the 3rd choice and 4th choice. The scoring on HRStats Sc is set up from best scoring down to the least likely to win.

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Prices or Odds

The price or odds we display are an average at the 9.30pm cut off. The lowest and highest price across all betting establisments is used, and an average is dispalyed. This is only a guide price , and can be used as an indicator for what the betting public are thinking. If the price drops considerably from the guide price, this shows public support for this horse or a large sum on money has been placed. If the price drifts then it would have the opposite effect.