Beginners Guide to Horse Racing

The Race Card

Race Cards can be confusing and most people get in a right muddle when trying to work out what is a good horse to bet on ? The images below are taken from the Racing Post. Its a huge amount of information for anyone to understand and decipher.

The HRStats Race Card

The HRStats Race Card is simplified into a form where the core information is displayed. All the confusing information on the cards above is consolidated into a simple score , The Higher the score the better the horse! Adding some extra components can make your bet more effective and this system is consistently better overall.

HRStats Race Card

C - Won on this course before.
D - Won at this distance before.
CD - Won on this course at this distance before.
BF - Beaten Favourite.
TOT/HORSE POSITION - 3.3 in the image above. This is an overall scoring for the horses previous races, in other words his latest form simplified into a core number , the higher the number the better the horse has run in his past races. Newly added info , distance beaten is now added into the scoring
Win Ratios - The higher the number across all 3 stages the better the horse jockey trainer partnership. This is a very important component to Horse Racing.
Using these indicators will give you a better idea of how good your selection really is.
The above example for HRStats Race Card - it's consistently accurate over long periods of time. The common Race Card needs to reach out to a wider audience and at HRStats we believe our Race Card can be easily understood by a beginner to a more experience race goer.

Result for the example

Let us do the hard work, and you have more time to enjoy the racing !

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