Racing Stats Explanation and Todays Stats

To understand stats , lets start at the beginning . The diagram above give you a basic understand of the key components of the scoring mechanism. The first score is the overall scoring, these are variables that either get added or subtracted from the total depending if its a positive or negative. The colour of the numbers above is a simple indication for the largest to clearly stand out. This is a good indicator of how well a horse has done in the past. The second score is a stand alone indicator to show if a horse has dropped in class or the higher the number the higher the quality of races he has raced in. If the numbers of the horses are similar and one stands out , this means a drop in class. If the number is vastly greater for a small number of horses , this is a good indicator that this horses have raced in higher quality races.

We updated our stats to give the user a better understanding and more control of what stats is seen. Some of the stats we added for the end user are Trainer - Jockey Ratios. These are located at the end of the stats diagram.

When a high score is noticeable - jockey/trainer ratio's are high - added with C/D/CD/BF this is a good indication the overall key factors are all in a positive state. This is an indication the horse has a good chance of winning or finishing in the place positions.

2:40 Doncastor

Stowaway Magic

Clearly the highest score 305

Horse Position 3.3 (finished high in his last 3-4 races)

Average Score of 12708

Average DSLR 28

High Ratios 0.22-0.25-0.23 & Provisional 0.48 (when high over all 3 and second highest on Provisional ) this is a clear indication the horse and his jockey and trainer are all good.

Race Results

Cross check the results with the stats, and you will notice the stats are accurate from 1st - 7th with the exception of Boudry (pulled up)

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