Mullins VS O'Leary

Just deciphering and musing over today's "shock" announcement. To some (not i) with Gigginstown Stud . Why it's withdrawing their lots from Closutton. Based on what only appears to be conjecture and anecdotal evidences, that is dripping down the grapevine. Most people, in or out of the game. Believe there is something, a little deeper to the truth. The official reason given by the protagonists is 'disagreement over fees' is what I believe. To be nothing but a smokescreen. I have heard the words "ego" banded about a lot, and even Mullins stable jockey got a mention as the blame. Poor old Vautour isn't safe either! after his antics last march going for the Ryanair. So all in all as the dust still falls, the facts are emerging through. It's your word against theirs at the minute. Everyone has their own opinions. I will not venture. Exactly what they think in case there left with egg on their face. Always take into consideration. That horse racing is one of the few sports in the world where you NEVER EVER had to take part, as such. In order to have an opinion that is respected.

One Twitter user stated. @JHerridge91 "Imagine being a stable lad/lass completely smitten with a horse for years and the owners out of the blue coming and taking that horse away". We forget the emotion that is attached, where money is concerned. Spare a thought for the stable staff !


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