Davy Russell Ban

So much can happen in 24 hours in Irish racing it seems. Only yesterday it was Mullins vs O' Leary. Today at Clonmel. It was the turn of Davy Russell against the stewards. It's another thorny subject in relation to the rule book that some would label as draconian and very much inconsistent.

The incident, involved Davy Russell striking his opponents horse 2-3 times in the face as they fought out the finish and winning by a short margin only to lose the race in the "dock". Now the good part is, and oh to be a fly on the wall in that stewards room. Davy allegedly "flown off the handle" when the initial 3 day ban was dished out for the riding offence which in turn, he incurred another 14 days for his reaction. He gave up his remaining rides and what he done then after is his own business.

The matter has been forwarded on to the CEO of the Turf Club so this episode is far from resolved one thinks! My view is that there is an invisible law in all sport that is seldom utilised and it's "common sense".

Does one think Davy Russell meant to strike a horse in the face? did the horse in question and connections deserve to lose the race? should Davy Russell have reacted in the way he did? all be it knee-jerk in the manner he did? sure we could be hear till the cows come home pondering on what the proper outcome should be.

PS. anyone know what the credentials actually are to become a steward?


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