Hawkbill How the Stats Stand Out

Hows the stats stand out ! When we carried out our statistical analysis for the Coral Eclipse at Sandown on Saturday , The Gurkha was stats wise the best horse in the race. Price wise this sways the punts decision making . From a stat perspective Hawkbill was only a few points behind The Gurkha, but with a price of 10/1 early that day , was he too good to ignore ? The result of the race really shows the statistically power , as the top two horses on the chart ( The Gurkha - Hawkbill) one with a poor price for the punter , the other with a very attractive price at 10/1. We recommended Hawkbill , not because he was the best horse on stats, as he wasn't ! but he was the best price from the punter !

Horse Racing Stats will be looking forward to watching Hawkbill run in the future.

Terry Gordon

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