Our very first post, Lets get the ball rolling.

Growing up in the racing county of Ireland. Racing becomes part of your life , part of who you are. The feeling of watching your horse past the finish line is a feeling thats so the thrill we all love. Over the years what I've come to notice and understand within horse racing is 'STATS'. Statistics are everywhere , understanding them is even more exciting. We have created a statistical model at HorseRacingStats.co.uk , so every person who loves racing , attends race meetings or just loves to follow the sport , can easily understand with a basic number stat, which can help people decide. The stats we issue will be honest and if the stats fail to produce the correct result , these results will be displayed for all to see. Hope everyone follows us on Twitter and Instagram. I personally am looking forward to the journey I'm about to take. Always remember gamble responsibly.

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